PR on tired legs

AM workout: cardio: parked at the gym, ran out to a park and ran back–easy 5.5 miles outside, 47 min. / stretched / weights: hamstrings and some glutes.


When we found out we’d be moving to Buffalo, NY for Zuriel’s job, I started doing what any normal person would do and I looked up road races in the area.  The first local half-marathon of the season was scheduled for the first week of May, and the first full marathon [and 2nd half] was scheduled for the last Sunday of May.  So I began thinking about how fitting it would be to run the Buffalo marathon as a new resident of Buffalo, NY!  Adorable, I know.

Once we moved out to Buffalo in January, I found myself mending IT band issues and consequently taking a more relaxed approach to running, making me realize maybe it wouldn’t be best to run the full marathon.  I then settled on running the Grand Island Half (May 4th) and the Buffalo Half (may 26th) as my first races living in our new city.  I signed up for the May 4th race around the end of March.  The following week, the hubs was asked to temporarily move to Minneapolis, MN the first week of April for an 8-week training.  I didn’t have a job aligned yet, so I joined my man in Minneapolis.  I ended up missing the Grand Island Half [only sad because I had already paid the fee, dang] and was glad I hadn’t registered for the Buffalo Half yet.  About a week and a half ago I flew home from Minneapolis to finalize a job, which meant I’d be home in time to run the half later that week.  I was hesitant to register because I hadn’t been training necessarily, but signed up anyway because I cared more about getting in the miles and less about a PR.

So these were the thoughts and events that preceded the race on Sunday.  It seems the longer these thighs have been running, the further/faster they can take me without as much detailed or specific training.  Assuming I’ve been running at least a few days a week, including a run where I push myself a little more, my body can carry me through a half-marathon without passing out.  This is why I assume I had a PR yesterday on tired legs.


Ever PR in a race you didn’t feel 100% or didn’t train for?