• 2/9:  YMCA 10-miler. 1:20:28, 4/16 in age group, 105/319 overall.  My first 10-miler and my first winter race.  Snow, black ice, the whole sha-bang.  Decided to run it last minute, showed up after it started, didn’t see a runner until the second mile.  Overall, I loved it.
  • 5/26:  Buffalo half-marathon 1:47:25, 19/347 in age group, 119/2086 overall.  The first ‘real’ race ran as a new resident of NY and a two minute PR, I’ll take it.


  • 3/3:  The Woodlands Marathon 4:38:42, 8th in age group.  Ran this with my dad and won’t ever forget it.  I’ll also never forget throwing up five times while running…biggest accomplishment was not giving up and only needing two IV bags in the medic tent post-race. 
  • 5/5:  Provo City Half-Marathon 1:49:27.  First road race running side-by-side with the hubs, and hopefully not the last. 
  • 6/16:  Trail Quake Half-marathon  2:49:27, 2nd in age group {don’t worry, the competition was only four-deep}.  My first trail race–the most intense and exciting course I’d experienced.  Toto, we ain’t in Kansas no more.
  • 9/15:  Top of Utah Marathon  3:59:09, 12/99 in age group.  Third times a charm?  Guess so, this was a 16-minute PR from my first marathon a year earlier…I finally broke 4 hours…barely :)
  • 12/1: “Try-a-tri”, unofficial sprint triathlon, 1st woman overall.  First triathlon experience, EVER.  Each of the thirty or so females competing were within a few years of my age.


  • 6/13:  Teton Dam Half-Marathon  1:50: , 6th in age group, 23 min PR from my 1st half and ran it with a friend in the middle of our marathon training.
  • 8/29:  Mesa Falls Marathon  4:15:20, 1st in age group {I should probably mention it was a small town race and there were seriously 8 girls in my age group}.  My first marathon–I had no idea what I was doing but I loved the challenge and I survived my first 26.2. 


  • 12/4:  Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas Half-Marathon  2:13:13. The beginning of my love affair.  My very first road race–when I crossed the finish line and knew I had to have that “I can’t believe I just did that” feeling again.  So romantic.

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