Fist bump

AM workout: 5min warmup on elliptical / weights: back, glutes, and hamstrings / stretched 15 min / drank protein drink / cardio: swam laps for 30 min.


This morning I started out the day pretty slow.. Didn’t get out of bed for probably 30 minutes after waking up, changed into gym clothes, took my dog out + some casual walking, got home, ate toast+peanut butter+banana, got my gym bag ready, went to the gym.  I knew that the only other real plans I had for today besides taking care of finances and e-mails was to clean and organize the apartment. So, I took the morning slow.  And for no good reason, a pic of me and teeny dog out walking a few days ago.


I knew I wanted to lift back and some legs today, so I finished thinking of what exercises I would do while I was warming up.  I like making sure I warm-up before lifting to get my heart rate up and then the rest of my workout sort of turns into circuit training with a lot of sweat and a quick pulse.

The workout was going really well and I felt like I was working hard and pushing myself.  When I’m finishing using a specific bench or machine for the exercise I’m doing, I always grab a paper towel with disinfectant to wipe it down [cause nobody wants to use a bench covered in someone’s sweat!].  So towards the end of my workout as I went to grab the paper towel, a large and buff black guy walks over to me and smiles, then FIST BUMPS me!  I smiled back appreciatively because that tiny gesture, went straight to my head and made me feel like a rock-star.  I felt like I was really working hard and it was nice of him to be encouraging.  It’s the little things.


What makes you feel like a rock-star during a workout?