Back-to-back marathons

I read this article from Runner’s World about running back-to-back marathons and, call me crazy but, it got me excited.

Since being exposed to running blogs, all of 8 months ago, I noticed how common it is to run marathons within minimal weeks apart of each other (sometimes just two or three weeks!).  Many realize that their body prefers adequate weeks, at least several months, in between longer races like a marathon. However, others have found that their body can tolerate the miles and stress closer together without injury.  And now I’m curious–how would my body feel if I ran two marathons within a month or two of each other?  Within a few weeks?  Oh my.

What’s the closest you’ve ever run races to each other?

Yesterday I began mapping out my 2013 race calendar and I think it gave me a rush of endorphins just thinking of my options and all of the possibilities!  I have several half-marathons and one, possible two, marathons tentatively scheduled so far.


Are you making any big 2013 race or workout plans?



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