Firsts and Chocolate – San Fran style

Our town may be small, but it couldn’t be in a more convenient location.  Thirty minutes in any direction gets you to a full-scale city.  Even better, an hour southwest lands you in San Francisco.
This past Memorial Day we decided to head to San Francisco.  This would be Zuriel’s very first time and my first time since I was five or six.  Just ten minutes into our drive, there were signs for fresh local cherries for cheap.  Zuriel loves cherry flavored anything.  I only love fresh cherries, nothing baked and nothing artificial, no cherry medicine, just the fresh stuff.
 It’s no golden gate, but it was exciting to cross over the bay from Oakland to San Fran
 A pier at Fisherman’s Warf
 On our way to Ghirardelli Square
 A few months ago my chocolate-lover mother introduced me to salted caramel chocolate–it was seriously amazing.  This stuff looked pretty similar and I had planned on buying it but got distracted and forgot!
 Just in the last couple of months, Zuriel has unexpectedly become a fan of chocolate.  What the what.  He was just as excited as I was to share something from the Ghirardelli shop.  I chose a peanut butter fudge sundae and it was so so good.
I would be so nervous to somehow fall off, especially with all of those steep hills!
 The guy who, with his strategic and carefully choreographed and rehearsed movements and sound effects [making him look and sound like a legitimate robot], performed to techno/trance music for money and gave kids candy.
 Fisherman’s Warf
 This lobster was still alive, body parts and eyeballs moving galore.  I was freaking out!
 Plain oysters with lemon and hot sauce.
 I was hesitant because they weren’t seasoned and were totally raw, like literally straight from the ocean, sand particles in there and everything…and because even cooked ‘right’, I’m not a big oyster fan.  It wasn’t that bad….ok yeah, it was pretty gross.
 We didn’t visit Alcatraz this trip, but we saw plenty of shirts advertising it
 We enjoyed our first day trip to San Francisco together.  We’ll be back soon, don’t you worry.


Have you been?  What are your sight-seeing and food recommendations??

3 thoughts on “Firsts and Chocolate – San Fran style

  1. Next time you go, you HAVE to find the Bush Man!! He's a pan handler that sits on a bucket and hides behind some bush branches. He jumps out and scares people as they walk by. He is seriously my favorite part of San Fran. Find him! And if you go on a warm weekend, they have even more street performers.. Spray paint artists, straightjacket escapers.. So fun!

  2. Yes, the bush man is hilatious. Also, rent bikes and ride to the gg bridge. Another must do: eat at mama's for breakfast. Plan extra time for the wait to get inside. It is in little Italy!

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