East Idaho meets NorCal

This is our road trip adventure in pictures.
Wednesday afternoon, May 16th.
The weather conditions about 2 minutes before we got in the car and left our Idaho apartment.

Sunshine at the end of a storm

beautiful Idaho
Thursday morning, May 17th.  Beautiful Utah.
We drove through Utah to visit my brother and his pregnant wife.  We were hoping we’d get to see our little neice, but she decided to be born 24hrs after we left.  It’s ok, we still love her tons, even if we have to rely on pictures of her until she’s a few months old.  Congrats on becoming parents you two!
Breakfast at Magleby’s before leaving Utah.  Look familiar?  This is also about 30 minutes before realizing we should get an oil change…and once at the car place, we realized a few more things needed to be fixed.
So a little time and money later, we were finally on our way!
Introducing Salt Lake city’s salt flats… Zuriel was excited and intrigued to see them, I was naively uninterested.
And now it’s a little more desert-y and not as pretty…must be in Nevada.
Lunchtime – yum.  Zuriel suggested Pizza Hut, and surprisingly, I totally agreed.
It was a fun break from the car to eat good food while checking out my lunch date.
Half veggie/meat supreme something or other and half hawaiian.  Hawaiian is definitely my fave.
And then we decided to stop in Reno, NV for the night.  We got a little crazy with the nightlife and gambled our entire savings while pulling an all nighter – – our inner party animals came out.  KIDDING.  Maybe if we weren’t so exhausted, restless, and greasy from sitting in a car all day, and if we weren’t walking around with our 8-lb pooch, and we were dressed to impress, we’d consider.
So instead we walked ‘the wannabe strip’, took a couple pics, and went back to the hotel to find some food at midnight.  It really is a tiny city with a major case of short-guy syndrome, but it had energy and it was fun.
Hello crazy, scary clown.  Why are they scary?  Why?  I don’t get it.
Good thing we stayed downtown in a casino hotel because I swear there’s always a few hundred people awake gambling their money away or stumbling around drunk.  But seriously, good thing, because this meant there would be a hotel restaurant open at a ridiculous hour–aka the middle of the night.  Just look how tired we are.
It’s a talent to have the ultimate tired and droopy eyes and we’ve mastered it.  And that my friends, is the biggest pancake I’ve ever seen.  It looked so good and huge and greasy and huge and mine was all topped with bananas and Z chose apples.
Pretty sure it was at least twice the size of my face.  No, we couldn’t finish them.  Yes, we saved the leftovers.
Friday morning, May 18th.  Hey there pretty green trees, we must have crossed into Cali!
Driving through CA’s rolling “hills”…these were definitely mountains.
so pretty!
I told him he looked a little depressing, so we had to take another…
Here we come!

3 thoughts on “East Idaho meets NorCal

  1. I almost can't believe your pictures, but I can. I grew up in El Cerrito, next to Berkeley, and lived in the East Bay for many years. I can't tell you HOW MANY TIMES i've made the CA to UT trip via Reno. And then again between 2003-2008 from Granite Bay to UT. I could do it w/ eyes closed, and have. But I have really grown to appreciate the beauty of the entire drive. And I love it. Where will you be in NorCal? It's a great place to live

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