These are our last few weeks in Idaho before leaving for Z’s internship…it’s not all inclusive,
but, I’m sure you’ll get the idea with the photo dump.
My nails did was a belated graduation present to myself.  I have a bit of a foot insecurity, so go easy on me.
 Spent a couple date nights working on his truck.  They were slightly in vain because it ended up in the shop anyway, but we had a little fun and Z got to do more manly stuff and learn a few things.
And when I said ‘we’ worked on the truck, I meant I sat next to him watching the sunset while occasionally handing him a tool.  Best helper ever, I know.
 Oh this?  It’s just one of Zuri’s sandiwiches.  He had even more than normal once we started packing up the kitchen and didn’t have much of anything to cook with.  Sandwiches all day erry day.
Sunrise shot after dropping Z off at work
 One of my last shifts at work I took a few pictures while the trucks were pulled out to clean the bay
 I’m sad when I think about not having an ambulance shift for three months
 The first box I packed.  I took a picture and sent it to Z for proof of my productivity.  Cause if you don’t take a pic, it didn’t happen.
 I’m a sucker for food pics, what’s new.  And I have this thing about liking my broccoli cooked unnecessarily giant-sized.
 One ‘summer’ day it decided to be freezing and snow, then hail.  Whaaaat?  So I stayed inside, in my t-shirt and spandex, and made cookies.
 This one time before the packing began, we went to see The Vow at the cheap theater and I asked if we could get popcorn.  This is the second time in four years that we’ve bought movie popcorn when it’s just us.  I’m almost embarrassed that we a) bought the popcorn and b) didn’t finish it.
I took this as we walked for a few minutes after Z hurt his ankle during a 10-mile run.  This is idaho running scenery for ya.
 This day I didn’t have the excuse of bad weather to stay cooped up and bake, I just wanted a break from packing and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies sounded perfect.
 Trying to do more foam rolling business cause it’s good for a runner’s soul and because my IT band has been bugging me lately.
 Mi madre was in town for a few days and lucky for us, every time she visits she buys us ice cream.  Love it.  This time I added my air popped popcorn and a movie to the mix and we called it a meal.
 The next day soft pretzels sounded SO good, resulting in finding a recipe and making them immediately.
 This is where you soak them in water+baking soda for 30 seconds
 …after.  They were delish.
 This beautiful scenery was while transporting a patient 45 min northeast of our town.
 “The tetons”
 A nap during a long day of packing.  I love/hate packing.
 A four-month old version of this pooch was too small to stick her head out of this shoe…oh how they grow.
 Z pretending this mess was considered ‘packed’.
 Packing break…it was mandatory.
 As a joke, Zuri bought teeny this big, ugly, marinated dog bone…
 She licked and chewed while we cleaned and packed for a couple hours.  Then she drank a gallon of water [sodium content?] and slept for another couple hours.
And then we were done…  We were exhausted, we were sad, and we were happy.  We loved this apartment and everyone we met while living there.  But, we were excited and ready to embrace a new adventure.
So after a few ‘breaks’ from packing on my end–whoops, we finally and eventually finished.  Hallelujah. Praise the heavens.  Road trip here we comeee!
How do your packing experiences go?  Take as many breaks as I do?  I didn’t document all of them…
Fan of moving?  More content staying put?

2 thoughts on “Adios

  1. I kinda hate packing, but I LOVE that you get to reorganize everything when you unpack. And everything is clean and dusted.. Ahh that's the good stuff.But I really commented because.. I need your pb chocolate chip cookie recipe =) Not that I like baking in this Texas heat, but boy do we like cookies =)

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