Day One

Last Friday afternoon we pulled into the little town we’ll be calling ‘home’ this summer.  Bizarre.  These are pictures of the scenery you’re surrounded by as you drive into town.  And who cares about windmills?  Well apparently we do, because those massive, spinning, wind-powered hypnotizers are the entire reason we are living here.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Don’t be fooled, I’m happy to be here.  I’m actually extremely happy and grateful to follow my husband for work.  He’s is doing an internship as a field engineer for the windmill project.  So far, he loves it.  Me and teeny dog, well we’re just hangin’ out, adjusting and getting to know the area.

To celebrate surviving the two days of driving, we ate sashimi, a cucumber roll, rice, and soup.  And not pictured: an additional sushi roll, ordered shortly after realizing this wasn’t enough.

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