Lunch and dinner

These are times I look forward to because a) lunch comes at the perfect time and lunch dates are where it’s at and b) dinner-time means Zuriel is home, and you just can’t beat that.

This was my lunch date with Emily a few days ago.  We went to Rumbi’s and it seriously satisifed a craving I didn’t know I had.
 I always love our lunch dates, girlfriend
 This was dinner with Z two nights ago.  I think this was only the second time I’ve made chicken fingers, but after finding this recipe in my cookbook, I’ll be making them again soon.
We commonly use gloves when handling raw meat in this house
 We don’t buy pineapple all the time, but when we do, we get to use this guy.
Then last night we went to get sandwiches for dinner at Zuriel’s fav sandwich place.  Have I told you how he could eat sandwiches for every meal and be perfectly happy?  So easy to please.
Ok, funny story.. We went to this same sandwich place two nights before this and they put cheese on my sandwich when I asked for no cheese [you order, then sit down, and they bring it to you] so Z brought my sandwich back and insisted they fix it.  So when they brought me my new sandwich they also brought out a coupon for a free sandwich as an apology.  So two nights later, we went back for our free sandwich.



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