The extent of my ‘couponing’ and our shotgun date

Coupon for ‘buy one daily special, get one free‘ + coupon for free chips & salsa after doing phone survey = a lot of good food for just $6.35
And when I say ‘shotgun date’ I mean we went to the middle of nowhere to shoot the man’s shotgun.   Check out that blue sky.
Handing me the gun as I start freaking out because I haven’t shot this gun since he bought it about 8 months ago, so I got nervous–that thing is powerful!
 How cheesy am I?
Leftover shells from someone else’s shotgun date…and my shadow.
“Babe, stop taking pictures and listen to me teach you how to use this, this is important”
I loved my neon orange Idaho hunter’s hat.  Seriously.
We don’t own an mechanical pigeon launcher [prooobably not the technical term], and sadly for Zuriel, I’m not too consistent at throwing them with our little handheld launcher.

After getting home we went for a 6-mile run, the details of which I’ll leave for tomorrow.  Now, we just got home from getting a redbox and shrimp cocktail–another documented ‘non-craving’ of Zuriel’s…

*Disclaimer:  the only reason we brought our lil’ red non-manly car off-roading to go shoot guns is because Z was having a mechanical issue with his truck this morning…he just thought you all should know that.


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