Six Saturdays

Yesterday I told Z that I was so excited to run the next morning I couldn’t take it.  I told him I wanted to run real hard and be begging to stop by the end of our run.  He just laughed and said “cool baby”.  In his mind I bet he was thinking about how we would be running together and how he wasn’t sure if he was ready to push himself as hard as I was.  You see, since our road races in Texas (it’s been four weeks), this run will be his fourth time running.  Which, shouldn’t really matter for him since he didn’t have any intentions of running another race for a while…  Funny how things change.
Two nights ago, we registered for our next race.  We had both already been planning on running this race, but Z had been thinking he’d stick with the 5K while I ran the half-marathon.  But when we registered two nights ago, we both registered for the half-marathon.  This is a dream come true to run a road race with my man, especially this distance.  I will keep my dreams of an even further distance for us to race together to myself, otherwise it’ll be ‘too much too fast’ for Z and he’ll become uninterested.
So this brings me to the title of the post.  Our race is Saturday, May 5th — the Provo City Half-Marathon.  Including tomorrow, race day is in six Saturdays.  This is really exciting for me and a tad intimidating and tiring for Zuriel.  We had an easy 5-mile run this morning instead of a begging-to-stop-by-the-end-of-our-run kind of run.  Unfortunately.  Z was pushing himself pretty hard, but I’ve been running much more frequently since our last race so it was a relaxed pace for me.  Tomorrow will be a 7-mile at the same pace.
After drinking my routine post-run shake, stretching, showering, and cleaning, I’m hungry again.  Naturally.  I always am. I couldn’t decide what to eat, so I’ve resorted to left over salad, original sun chips, and an apple.  Almonds are sounding good about now too.  We’ll see.  Now off to have our fabulous day of errands and chillin.  Like villans.
-Have you ever run a race {or participated in some important event/accomplishment} with your significant other?  Was it everything you hoped for and more?
-Do you like almonds?  And if you do, how do you take your almonds?
This is going to make me sound boring, but, I just like plain raw almonds.  I know, this girl needs to add some spice to her life.

3 thoughts on “Six Saturdays

  1. Natalie, I have run multiple 5k races with Scott. I "train" quite a bit before the race, and he runs 1-2 times. Come race day, he runs ext to me so I will set the pace, because he is horrible at setting a pace, and always runs wayyyy to fast at the beginning. Once we are about to the end of the race-I should know this is going to happen, because it does everytime-he darts in front of me for the last 200 meters so he can beat me. it seriously pisses me off, and I dont talk to him for 45 seconds (because that is all i can stand) after i hit the finish line. Seriously though, how lame. Steal my pace and then burn me at the end. Rude. Scott and I are also doing the Red Rock Relay Moab race together in May. I am excited. ps, your run is april, right? not may?Love you!

  2. I'd say our couples marathon was having a baby. Yes fulfilling and everything I imagine really. I like plain raw almonds as well and homemade almond milk! And I love to use the pulp from making almond milk in my pancakes!

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