Bad habit

I have this bad habit of buying “fancier” food items while Z is out of town.  Once he’s gone, I’m left to decide what to feed myself–can you blame an innocent wife, no.  So I choose food a step above what I’d normally buy for the both of us. Although I admit it is a bad and somewhat expensive habit, I thoroughly enjoy it.
Unfortunately, Z caught on.  It’s hard to conceal the fancier food items when I can’t even finish them before he gets back into town and sees the evidence for himself.  Good thing I wasn’t trying to be sneaky in the first place.  I do manage to finish the fancy, single portion-sized ice creams though [not the pint-sized, the size smaller than that]. Other foods I indulge in: anything from the fancier(iest) brand of greek yogurt, to a favorite brand of mixed nuts [no peanuts, reduced sodium, lots of almonds, cashews], to a yummy piece of salmon with some shrimp, and everything in between.  You’re all on my side, right?  It’s sympathy food for me while the Mister is out and it is totally justified.
When I stayed in Texas for a few extra days and then stayed in Utah a couple days before coming home, I left Zuriel home alone for 6 days and 5 nights.  Sad day, I know.  And to my surprise, I came home to find all sorts of random fancier “man foods” if you will, in my fridge and pantry.
One of these fancier food items was a small, expensive bottle of what I considered to be, some manly looking barbecue sauce.  I held it up and looked at him and he laughed and said [and I quote], “Baby, you were gone for so long!!  Feel bad for me!”  Even typing it makes me laugh all over again.  He’s funny, that husband of mine.
And ya know what I decided after eating our chicken BBQ pizza + red onion and peppers + pineapple?  This house will be making homemade pizza much more often.

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