Time in Texas

When people asked Z why he was flying to Texas for a weekend, he would tell them it was “to see the Houston Rodeo of course”.  Then as a side note he would mention that he and I were running road races with my parents.
He’s a city boy.  But to say he embraces the country boy life and culture is an understatement.  So as you might have guessed, he was ecstatic to see the Houston Rodeo.  

The arena — in the Reliant stadium {I think they said it seats 80,000 people}.

Sure we didn’t have the closest seats, but we loved it.

If you look closely in the next three photos, you can see the cowboy riding the bucking horse and eventually being bucked off…

Then they setup for the concert that followed, which was Luke Bryan.  We didn’t think we knew who he was, but turns out we knew almost every song!  

 Spending some time outside Sunday afternoon

Once Zuriel flew home on Monday, I got to go on a couple lunch dates with mi madre since I stuck around Houston for a few extra days.  The first day was to the delicious Cheesecake Factory, it’s one of my favorite restaurants.  The salad may not look as appetizing in the picture, but goodness it is delicious.  I also can never get enough of that bread…yum.

The second day we went to Pei Wei for lunch.  If you like PF Changs, you like Pei Wei.  It’s practically the same thing, but a fraction of the price and in a more casual atmosphere, which is perfect for lunch dates.  Love me some curry…
My loving younger brother also took me to lunch one day to Le Madeline.  It is a cute, little french bakery place that has yummy comfort food type items…it was delicious.
Can you tell I got pampered by my family?  Well I did.  They made it a tiny bit less miserable for me to be away from Z by feeding me yummy food and spending other quality time with me.  Gracias!

One thought on “Time in Texas

  1. i love you, my sweet natalie. MY favorite part of your week-long stay was seeing you mid-marathon and meeting your significant other FIIIINAAALLLLLY. he is awesome! xoxo.

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