While Z was out

My first evening alone I decided to make tacos.  Because, why would anyone not want to eat some chips, salsa, and tacos if they were in front of them?  I took these pictures and sent them to Z.  Needless to say, he was a bit jealous and wishes he could’ve been home with me for more reasons than one.
The following day I ran errands with my sister and it only made sense to include a lunch date.
Love you girl

Friday night, one of my very good friends from Texas came to visit with his girlfriend.  It was very, very fun to have them keep me company while my lover was out. We went to dinner Friday night and the following day we took off to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the evening.  Jackson was an evening of greasy burgers and waffle fries, a walk in the park, pictures around the town, a wanabe snowball fight, and an ‘adventure’ trying to drive home in all that snow.  Thanks for a fun weekend guys!

It’s always sad when we’re apart but, thanks to family and friends, I ultimately had an enjoyable weekend!

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