This or that

Today I woke up with every intention of going on a run within the first 30-60 minutes of being awake.  Every intention.  In fact, I went to bed last night ready and actually looking forward to this run.  I’m weird right?  At least it’s a healthy type of weird.
I woke up slow, getting up before 9am.  I was dressed in my long spandex with my Asics, all ready to go just before 10am. {Reminder: the long spandex is necessary–I live in Idaho where it is 14 degrees Fahrenheit at 10am this time of year}.  Long story short, I somehow became distracted and preoccupied with other important, as well as unimportant, things that kept me from starting my run.
…..2:30pm rolls around and I’m finally turning on my garmin and jogging out the door.
After a few hours of being dressed to run and still sitting on the couch, had the thought crossed my mind to not run?  Yes.  Lately, I’ve noticed that if my training for a marathon comes up in conversation, the persons listening assume I am above and beyond what I actually am.  Well surprise, I have my days where I would just rather get my errands and cleaning done, or lounge in my sweats instead of going for a two hour run.  Their reaction to my crave for running includes thoughts of how it ‘comes natural’ for me and how they could never get themselves ‘to do that’.  My reaction is, why not??
I wasn’t born with any supernatural power that enables me with a magical desire and capability to run long distances.  I haven’t always been a ‘runner’.  This desire and passion for running is a recent development, believe it or not.  And if I had to put a date on it, I’d say I didn’t start to love distances greater than say, five miles, until about August 2010 {basically a year and a half ago}.
The reason I mention this is because towards the end of my run today, I began thinking about how I could have {and almost did} chosen not to run.  It would have been easy to come up with justifications to lounge today, run tomorrow.
My point is, is that there is no reason you couldn’t decide, just as I did, to choose to ‘go run’ if that is what you desire.  There may be an array of other desires you have for yourself, and all I’m saying is maybe all you need to do, is decide to do it.  It seems a person’s biggest limitations are the ones they place on themselves.  We have more will power than we think and we need to give ourselves more credit.
Embrace the nike slogan already, and ‘just do it’ {whatever “it” may be}.

One thought on “This or that

  1. Well said! I know exactly what you mean. Not about choosing to run, but choosing all sorts of things that are good and for the benefit of myself and my family. Doesn't it feel so good once you've made a chose and then DO IT?!? Makes me feel like I CAN DO ANYTHING! Thanks for the reminder Nat!

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