Putting in the miles

I love to run.  Love.  This hasn’t always been the case, but that’s a different story for a different post.  This amateur love seed was planted when I “trained” for my very first race, a half-marathon, last fall.  That seed began to blossom as I trained {this time I actually did a training program} for and ran my second half-marathon with one of my best friends this past June.  The training program we were doing, however, wasn’t for a half-marathon.  No, no the training program I was talked into doing {by said friend} was for, everyone hold your breath, a MARATHON.  Man that word is scary.  Don’t remember how, why, or who, what, when, or where for that matter, that I agreed to train for a marathon.  I had plans to run a marathon in March 2012 with my dad, but never once did I think I would be running one in two and a half weeks.
According to many fitness experts, a person only needs to train up to 10 miles to know they {their body} can and will finish a half-marathon.  A person training for a full marathon likewise only needs to train up to 18 or 20 miles to have peace of mind that they can and will finish a full marathon.  Last wednesday, I completed my longest run in my training program.  I ran 20 miles in 3:05:15, averaging a 9:15min/mile pace.  How did I feel when I finished?  Incredible.  I was thrilled, I couldn’t believe it.  It was a great feeling of accomplishment and it gave me energy and hope for future accomplishments.  On a different note, I was also incredibly hungry and sweaty.  I couldn’t wait to make my protein shake, stretch, and take a long shower!  Following a nice relaxing shower, I unfortunately had to take an ICE bath.  Ever heard of them?  They’re wonderful and you should be jealous you haven’t taken one.  Kidding.  Step 1) fill up a tub with the coldest water possible until it will cover your thighs when sitting in the tub.  Step 2) Once in the bath, dump bags of ice into the bath. Step 3) grit your teeth and just dump the ice in already! {you are allowed to scream while dumping the ice}  The ice bath is taken to help prevent injury.  I’m convinced they help more than I may ever know, and I’m glad I won’t have to find out how my legs would’ve felt otherwise.

3 thoughts on “Putting in the miles

  1. duuuuude. am i your first commentator? you need some more friends. just kidding. i totally love this, of course, and will now stalk you like a bad habit. i'm supposed to see your padres this weekend and matt and marisa. do they know you have a blog yet or is this still on the DL? so you have a marathon in two weeks! woot! i want a full, detailed race report, please!! loooooove yooooouuuuu. viva ice baths!

  2. Haha why yes, yes you are! Is it obvious I'm new to the blogging world? And it is because I am new that I haven't told anyone…not because it has to be on the DL, but because I only barely made my 2nd post! I did tell erica and my mom yesterday, so feel free to advertise for me and maybe I'll have more followers than my sister :) And yes, you will get your race report!

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